What we do

Our directors work hands on. We believe that clients who trust
our advice at the beginning of an assignment deserve that same
expertise from start to finish.

Board practice

We bring deep insight and expertise in board building and searching for individual appointees, part and whole non-executive teams, paid and voluntary. A great board is more than the sum of its parts: we are skilled at finding talented people who offer complementary and contrasting experience in any board setting and look for candidates from every demographic. Every search is carefully tailored and we take age, geography, life and lived experience, cognitive styles, gender and ethnicity into account so we can provide options for appointing a balanced team. We are a smaller business focused on quality. Board searches are handled by Directors of our company. That is because finding a diverse range of candidates is only one part of the challenge; we are able to follow through with a tailored selection process and insightful advice for clients and candidates, grounded in deep experience. We do not use a research team. As part of our service, we will talk to your executive team about how they can become trustees.

Chief Executive Search

Chief executives define, enhance and support the culture and impact of their organisations. Every chief executive role is different and our specialist search service for top leaders begins with an exploration of the role and its place in organisational context and strategy. We focus carefully on each client brief and determine the best potential sources of candidate for the role. We offer clear advice on marketing for the appointment. Our most senior people are actively involved in the search from start to finish. We make a rounded assessment of each candidate, balancing their leadership style, cultural fit and career goals with skills and experience. We offer a single point of contact for candidates during the process and stay close to our appointees to ensure their transition is successful. We provide informal mentoring support to every appointed candidate for the first year as part of our service.

Leadership Team Search

Our work to build and strengthen executive leadership teams includes individual appointments, part and whole team recruitment. Every assignment starts with a review of existing organisational structure, culture and priorities, with rigorous planning designed to achieve the best appointments. We offer clear advice on marketing for each appointment. We aim to deliver balanced leadership teams, taking time and care to select a team with complementary skills, experience and potential. We stay close to our appointees once they begin in post, and review progress regularly with the chief executive.

Interim Talent

The recruitment of Interim managers has evolved enormously over the last decade. No longer are those individuals ‘holding the fort’ but are offering exceptional leadership at times of change and transition. Interims bring well-honed skills and expertise to your organisation at short notice without the overheads associated with employment. Interims are agile and flexible and are used to working to changing briefs and uncertainty. In our current society, which is changing radically, increasing need, shifting expectations and the uncertainty of a post Brexit Britain are adding to the burden of those organisations serving it. Interims can bring skills that you may not require full-time or for longer than a few months, for example Programme/Project Management, they can also provide coaching and mentoring support to individuals. Interims bring pace, innovation, fresh ideas and are highly motivated to deliver results. Here at Starfish we pride ourselves on working with the strongest talent on the market which has been developed over 14 years. We have an authentic and pragmatic approach to search, believing that the best results occur when you work in true partnership.