1st Time CEO Network

Starfish created 1st Time: The CEO Network in 2024 to help provide newly appointed chief executives in the charity sector with a perpetuating resource of peer support, advice and companionship that builds confidence, shares experience and fosters community.

We recognise that common issues can create uncertainty and confusion for first time CEOs, as they also encounter a period of personal growth and development in adapting to their new role. Yet very few people feel comfortable raising these issues in their early days in post. Themes include navigating the critical relationship with the Board; developing strategy; building and transforming workforces; embedding EDI and involving communities in their organisation’s development.

There are many considerations, and they are also varied from organisation to organisation.

We anticipate that 1st Time: The CEO Network will grow with each 6 monthly breakfast event we hold. Once a CEO has attended an event, they are able to benefit from the resource around them and take advantage of the insight-led pieces produced by our team of specialists at Starfish Search. We actively encourage feedback from The Network to help drive the themes discussed at future events.

All our 1st Time: CEO Network events are held under the Chatham House Rule, enabling guests to discuss freely and openly the issues that are on their mind that day.

If you’re interested in attending our next breakfast or would like further information, please contact rebecca.oconnor@starfishsearch.com

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