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IMM Survey 2023

According to the Interim Management Report 2023, companies have been increasingly hiring interim managers with a key focus on change management to drive significant transformation projects.

How current are you in the new leadership economy?

Any time of uncertainty, upheaval and distraction inevitably leads to change; to shifts in power and influence that ultimately shape the development of the cultures we live and work in.

Webinar Programme 2023

At Starfish Search we are committed to work with people as they transfer through their careers.

Staying visible in a hybrid world

While offering many benefits, hybrid working brings new challenges for organisations including a possible impact on collaboration and a loss of ‘community’.

Starfish | Building Cultural Capital in a Hybrid World

Playing an active role in the success of another organisation can be hugely beneficial to your executive career.

Top Talent: Communications and Marketing

Starfish Search is passionate about spotting, supporting and developing talented local government officers with potential

Starfish has recently joined This is Me which is a business led mental health campaign.

Taking the next steps for success

Sunita Patel calls for an even greater focus on socio-economic diversity in organisations...

London Borough of Merton appoints new Executive Directors

The London Borough of Merton has continued its transformation programme with the appointment of five new Executive Directors.