Non-Executive Directors

Lampton Group
£15,600 for 2 days/month

The Lampton Group of companies are owned by the London Borough of Hounslow and therefore, by the residents of Hounslow. The Lampton Group operates commercially but with a public service ethos – following the principles of social value, community wealth building, equality, social justice and environmental sustainability. The Lampton Group measure its success both commercially and by the positive outcomes it delivers for the people of Hounslow.

The Roles

We are looking for 4 Non-Executive Directors to join our new Group structure. Our NEDs will to join our board to add the strategic infrastructure necessary for Lampton to grow. We require specific technical expertise but also agility and flexibility, we want our NEDS to sit on more than one board. The vision and values for the Lampton Group will be shared across all the individual divisions and you will work as ‘one-team’ for Hounslow.

As of April 1st, 2021, we go live with a single group structure to deliver the strategy for growth. The individual Lampton companies within the group are as follows:

  • Lampton Operations – consisting of Coalo; delivering planned and responsive housing maintenance, grounds maintenance and cleaning services to the London Borough of Hounslow; Greenspace 360 maintaining the Boroughs parks and    open space and Recycle 360 delivering the Boroughs waste and recycling services.
  • Lampton Investment and Development – investing in the local housing market and developing new homes and other developments – commercial.
  • Lampton Leisure – delivering the boroughs leisure services – recently insourced service.

Download the candidate brief to find out about the role.