Autism at Kingwood
c.£95,000 per annum

Autism at Kingwood was founded in 1994 by Dame Stephanie Shirley CH to support her autistic son, Giles. Our core purpose is to support people with autism and Asperger syndrome to live full lives and to be as independent as they choose. This was the purpose behind our inception, and it remains so today. Giles Shirley was able to leave his life within a psychiatric hospital and move into a regular house, where he was supported by caring people to make it a regular home. For the first time in his life, he was able to make his own choices about his life. This was a life he was able to share with others and we continue to welcome new people into our home.


Our mission is to enable each person we support to develop greater independence, discover their potential, and enjoy a better quality of life.  Our vision is for a world that embraces autism, and we believe that kindness should underpin everything we do. As a community and as an organisation we are values driven and we provide a full range of supported living for autistic people across Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. 

We are specialists in autism, and we have an excellent reputation in both the autism and social care sectors. We provide creative solutions for complex situations, and we persevere when other services have failed. 

We have grown as a service, and we continue to work to transform lives, but these are challenging times, for society and for all social care providers.  We remain confident in the service we deliver and the value we can bring, and we have been working with an excellent team of interim leaders to deliver transformative change across our organisation. 

We are now looking for our next Chief Executive to take us forward on our journey.  This is an ambitious, exciting, and bold organisation to be part of. We want to provide even higher levels of social care, employment opportunities and diagnostic support to expand our impact and to achieve our aims. 

If you are inspired by our mission and you can bring experience and success as a leader to achieve  positive outcomes for our community then we would love to hear from you 


Download the candidate brief to find out about the role.