Starfish Search and City CV presents Incredible Interviews

It isn’t always easy to perform your best at interviews and so many of us can leave the experience feeling frustrated and slightly demotivated.

Join us to hear more from  a range of industry experts who have coached clients from all sectors. This webinar will give you the time and space to review  and refresh your own techniques  and hear what works.

Find out how to prepare for those tricky questions and navigate those difficult moments enabling you
to approach your next interview with confidence.

Date: 20th June 2024

Time: 12:30 pm


Vantage Point Podcast – Episode 01


Vantage Point: perspectives on change

** New podcast series hosted by Starfish Search **

Look out for the first of our series of podcasts looking at our changing times in a year of fluctuation. Our podcasters will be debating different issues relating to change, social impact and public policy over the coming weeks. Tune in to hear some rich conversation and wise discussion from our panels of experts. The first in this series looks at our changing workforce, opportunity and inclusion, social mobility and how employers and managers could adapt.

For our first podcast we are delighted to welcome:

James Kirkup

Over 20 years in high-profile Westminster roles including Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph and Director of the Social Market Foundation. Extensive experience of thought leadership and advocacy work, with a particular focus on the relationship between business, politics and public policy.  Continues to contribute regularly to national media outlets as a columnist at the Times and Spectator.

Jason Arthur

Jason is CEO of Mission 44, the foundation set up by Sir Lewis Hamilton. After starting his career as a teacher in East London, he has held leadership roles in the non-profit sector, including at Teach First, the #iwill campaign and Youth Futures Foundation. Jason also served as a senior local councillor in London. He holds a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Oxford and a Masters in Education from the University of Cambridge.

Anthony Painter

Anthony is Director of Policy and Communications at the Chartered Management Institute. Previously he was Chief Research & Impact Officer at the RSA, leading their social change remit with his work on policy and social innovation awarded a Think Tank of the Year Award by Prospect Magazine. Among other roles he was previously the Vice Chair of Governors of Hackney Community College.

#watchthispace for more information.

Be bold, be a rebel – anything is possible

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Top Talent: Arts, Culture and Heritage

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Starfish Sessions with Maggie Kufeldt

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Starfish Masterclasses – Our Webinar Programme 2024

At Starfish Search we change the world through Human Talent. Our Masterclass programme for 2024 is an opportunity for us to share our  market insight, professional experience, and real time guidance on topics of current interest to our clients and also candidates seeking the next move in their executive and portfolio career.

Our Masterclass programme is delivered in partnership with City CV, a client-focused business that empowers job seekers and helps companies to protect their most important resource – their people.

17th May 12noon – Leading through tough Talks: Redundancy Resilience for HR Professionals
Held in partnership with PPMA, this webinar explores the nuanced dynamics of delivering tough news while preserving your wellbeing. Discover actionable insights and proven strategies to confidently lead through difficult conversations, cultivating empathy and trust within your team and organisation.

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20th June 12:30 –  Incredible Interviews
Held in partnership with Starfish and City CV this webinar looks at how your interview technique can benefit from a review and refresh.  Building on interview tips and strategies from industry experts who have coached clients at all levels, from a range of sectors, learn more about how to prepare effectively for those tricky questions and approach your next interview with confidence.

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(PPMA) 4th October 12noon – Embrace your Imposter
Held in partnership with PPMA this inspiring session addresses all forms of Imposter Syndrome. Its not just about self-doubt.Imposter syndrome can affect anyone of any gender, at any age and stage of their careers. It’s also been identified as a key symptom during perimenopause.
You’ll leave this inspiring session with an understanding of your own imposter, what type of imposter you are, and a toolkit to help you love your imposter as a friend not a foe.

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17th October 1pm – Menopause for Leaders: Held in partnership with Starfish and City CV
According to the Guardian “almost a million women in the UK have left their jobs because of menopausal symptoms”. Yet, women aged 40-55 are often at the peak of their careers and have so much value, experience, and knowledge to give. It’s time that more companies put support structures in place for women and create a culture where everyone feels comfortable talking about the menopause.

Registration link:

10th December 1pm – Elevate your NED LinkedIn: Held in partnership with Starfish and City CV
With over 1 billion users in 200 countries, LinkedIn is the #1 social media site for hiring professionals. An incredible 97% of head-hunters use LinkedIn as their primary candidate source, even more so for senior hires. However you may feel about social media, you cannot afford to neglect your LinkedIn profile.

Making it on to the shortlist for a top Non-Executive Director (NED) role is a demanding process. Your LinkedIn profile, along with your CV, will be one of the make-or-break components. In this Masterclass we will show you how to use your LinkedIn profile to refine your non-executive brand, elevate your gravitas, move up the rankings, prove your ROI, showcase your expertise, and expand your network in a competitive market.

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Webinar: Leading Through Tough Talks: Redundancy Resilience for HR Professionals

Delivering difficult news, like redundancies, is an inevitable part of the HR professional’s role. That’s why it’s crucial to empower HR leaders with the resilience and confidence required to navigate these challenging discussions with compassion and effectiveness.

Led by careers expert Victoria McLean, Founder & CEO of Hanover | City CV, you’ll explore the nuanced dynamics of delivering tough news while preserving your wellbeing. Discover actionable insights and proven strategies to confidently lead through difficult conversations, cultivating empathy and trust within your team and organisation.

During this interactive workshop, we’ll cover:

Understanding the psychological impact of delivering difficult news

Recognising and maintaining healthy boundaries in the workplace

Practical techniques for effective communication and empathy

Strategies for self-care and resilience amidst challenging situations

Walk away from this session with the tools and confidence to navigate tough talks with resilience and compassion, ensuring the well-being of both yourself and your team.

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Starfish Sessions with Eileen Milner

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Webinar: Launching your NED Career and how to Get Board Ready.

We held our first webinar of 2024 with our partners City CV in March. At Starfish we believe you are never too young to be a non-executive and it is an opportunity available to people at all stages of their leadership journey and from all walks of life. Over the last few years we have seen that the market is becoming more fluid as people begin to blend their executive and non-executive roles and move away from a traditional, linear career path. The whole process is more creative as leaders adopt their own routes to achieving what feels right for them. Accessing opportunities and getting started is often the hardest part however, and with an application to interview rate of 27/1 for most non-executive roles, this webinar was the opportunity for an audience of around 100 people to share in the insight, reflections and recommendations from the experts.

Planning your career success as a board member is as important as any other aspect of your career development. It can be a highly competitive recruitment process, even though the majority of trustee roles are voluntary, and many NED roles offer a relatively modest reward. Even so, the requirement for particular skills, experience and attributes as well as demonstrating a deep commitment to the mission and cause of the organisation are vital. Board roles can be a heavy commitment, but they also offer opportunities to discover a new sector, engaging with a new team of fellow board members and making an impact in another organisation as a leader.

Demonstrating your ability to think strategically and impartially, offering maturity of judgement whilst being a team player and engaging with the business can be very empowering and you learn to quickly recognise the difference between non-executive and executive leadership. It is important to convey this understanding within your application. The focus of your CV is less on delivery and more on strategic vision, oversight and impact.

Our advice for anyone getting board ready is to have a strategy. Consider where and how you would like to work as a NED or Trustee. How can this add value to your executive career or build out your portfolio coherently and with meaning. Be proactive and select your opportunities with care, bringing the entirety of your personal brand and collateral together , ensuring that your LinkedIn and social media profiles all support your application and demonstrate consistency and personal integrity as a leader . The experience of being a NED can enrich your personal and professional life in many ways and equally, broadening the talent pool of NEDs and Trustees brings diverse perspectives and attributes into the board room.

If you’re interested in a board career, our newly launched Board Practice will be a great place to start browsing opportunities –