Independent Committee Members

MS Society
Voluntary basis with expenses reimbursed

Over 130,000 people in the UK have multiple sclerosis (MS). It’s unpredictable, and different for everyone. It’s often painful and exhausting, and can cause problems with how we walk, move, see, think and feel. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The MS Society is the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to supporting people with MS and those who care about them. We fund world-leading scientists as they search for new treatments. We make sure everyone can access expert information and services to help them live well with MS. We speak up together, to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and rights are protected. We support one another when times are tough and celebrate together when they are good. We make sure no one has to feel alone. But we know we can deliver more impact for MS communities. We’ve embarked on an ambitious transformation programme to deepen our engagement and increase our reach, and drive us closer to our vision of a world free from the effects of MS. And in 2025, we’ll launch a new strategy to get us there.


We’re looking for three talented new independent (non-trustee) committee members, two to join our Strategic Implementation and Finance Committee (SIF) and one to join our Audit and Risk Committee (A&R). The SIF Committee plays a key role in ensuring we monitor and measure our strategic performance and our A&R Committee is vital in ensuring effective risk management, assurance and compliance, including internal and external audit. 

We’re keen to hear from you if you’re interested in applying your expertise to the opportunities and challenges faced by the charity sector, with razor sharp focus on the impact we deliver for MS communities. For the SIF Committee, we need someone to join us who brings deep expertise in investment management, and we are also keen appoint a member who brings a strong background in strategic marketing or systems implementation in organisations undergoing transformational change. And for our A&R Committee, we’re looking for someone with senior experience in audit, risk management or compliance, preferably within the charity sector. 

Whatever your professional background, you will be someone with the highest level of personal integrity and maturity of judgement, with strong analytical skills and the ability to work collaboratively within a diverse team.

Momentum is building and we won’t give up until we’ve stopped MS for good. If you bring the skills and experience we are looking for and you’re motivated by our commitment to transform lives and stop MS, we hope you will read on to find out more.


Download the candidate brief to find out about the role.