Erin Fuller – Trustee for Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation

Erin Fuller

Why did you want to become a Trustee?

I’m passionate about the charity sector and its evolution. I’m also passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion so becoming a trustee is the perfect way for me to combine both of these things. As a woman of colour under 30, it was hard not to notice that boards aren’t always diverse in all senses of the word. I hope that by becoming a trustee I can help to challenge the stereotypes of who a trustee should be and hopefully inspire more people from all backgrounds to take up space in boardrooms and beyond.

There are also practical skills and opportunities I knew I would gain. I’ve built my networks, raised my profile through speaking about Trusteeships on panels and in webinars, and supported other charities in conversations about board diversity. Crucially, I’m able to evidence experience in a leadership position which is valuable but often harder to demonstrate for younger people.

Why did you choose your charity?

I joined the board of Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation in 2021 when I moved on from my permanent role at another grant maker. Having completed the Beyond Suffrage trustee training for young women of colour I knew I wanted a trusteeship that kept me connected to grant making in an organisation that is committed to growing and learning with the sector. I’m also a proud northerner and my trusteeship gives me chance to represent a northern institution, and Yorkshire itself.

What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring trustee?

My advice is: go for it! I love being a Trustee and it’s been enriching in so many ways – I get to understand how boards work and what different types of people, skills, professions and backgrounds can add to a board.

Being a Trustee has shown me that it’s not rocket science, or something reserved for a certain few – it is doable and when it feels challenging, there are so many resources and networks to support you through, including your other board members, and it is made better by having a diverse mix of people round the table.