Centre for Ageing Better
Voluntary basis

We are a charitable foundation, established in 2015 and funded by an endowment from the National Lottery Community Fund which is set to last until 2030. Passionate about a society where everyone enjoys later life, our aim is to deliver positive change with a particular focus on making a difference for those most at risk between the ages of 50-70. We currently work across health, housing, work and communities. Established as a What Works Centre, our role is to build on evidence and work with, fund and support a wide range of partners to use that evidence in a way that makes a tangible impact now and for the future. As we emerge from the Covid19 pandemic, we are re-assessing our priorities and focus, including a review of our current Strategic Priorities.

The Role

Thank you for your interest in joining the Centre for Ageing Better as a Trustee. We are passionate about achieving our positive vision of a society in which everyone has the right to a good later life. Established in 2015, the Centre for Ageing Better is now widely recognised as a leading authority on ageing issues. We are a charitable foundation, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, and part of the government’s What Works Network.

Everyone has the right to a good life as they get older and our whole society benefits when they do. But stark and widening inequalities mean many people are more likely to live in poor health and face poverty and discrimination as they get older. This is unacceptable and has huge consequences not just for people themselves but for the whole of society. 


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