Redundancy Resilience for HR Professionals.

Starfish Search were delighted to once again partner with PPMA and City CV to deliver our latest webinar – Redundancy Resilience for HR Professionals. This webinar focused on those tough talks, the best ways to handle the conversation around redundancy and the importance of putting people at the heart of it.

It’s an uncomfortable topic for so many of us and almost certainly the area of any manager’s job they enjoy the least, with participants highlighting feelings of anxiety, uncomfortableness and even mistrust from other employees.

City CV has carried out some private research and some fascinating statistics were shared which highlights how underequipped many of us are. Their studies indicate that 45% of HR professionals enter HR via non-HR career paths, and 82% of HR professionals have had no training on how to handle redundancy conversations. 82% of HR professionals with no formal training are expected to deliver messages that can change someone’s life and deliver it in a way that is both empathetic but also clear, concise and to the point.

It’s natural to think about the impact redundancy will have on the person on the other end of the conversation, the one whose life is about to change, and members shared their experience of these conversations, the most common emotions they faced were anger, disbelief, or outrage. Just as important in this dynamic is the person whose role it is to deliver this message – the HR professional, and members shared how it made them feel. They shared feelings of sadness, difficulty in processing their own emotions and some felt the organisation hadn’t equipped them fully to explain why this decision had been made. We discussed some practical tips for HR professionals to consider before, during and after the process to make it go as smoothly as possible, centred around preparation, controlling the conversation with clarity of message and time for reflection and to unwind afterwards.

Local government and the wider public sector is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a strong employer brand when attracting and retaining talent, particularly as we face a national skills shortage in certain areas and challenges in recruiting to senior roles. It’s so important to remember the role that outplacement support plays in this, it shows your organisation will look after it’s people from beginning to end. A robust outplacement strategy can make or break your employer brand.

At Starfish Search we’re proud to support so many people on their employment journeys, if you’d like to connect with us to discuss how we might help you we’d love to hear from you.

This webinar is available for a limited time and we’re delighted to be teaming up with PPMA and City CV for our next webinar in October 2024 focusing on imposter syndrome in the workplace. Please follow us for all the latest news and events