roles closes at 12pm Friday 12th April 2024
Voluntary basis with expenses reimbursed

TRAFFIC was established in 1976 by IUCN and WWF to respond to the growing threats posed by illegal wildlife trade and overexploitation. We provide evidence-based solutions through rigorous research and analysis, rooted in science, data, and our expertise. Over the past decade, we have become the leading global trusted advisor to governments and intergovernmental processes, and bring public, private, and civil society stakeholders together in new partnerships. Today, we have an international network of nearly 200 experts located in ten offices in Africa, Asia, Pacific, Europe, and the Americas – and leverage the conservation expertise of our founders IUCN and WWF, and other partners. We offer a strong network of knowledge across the environmental, social, economic, financial, and political dimensions of trade.


In response to this growth in our influence, our organisation has grown in its capacity. Our 2030 Strategy sets out our ambitious vision for transformational change and the impact we want to have on the ground. Turning that vision into reality will require the extensive deployment of expertise at every level of our larger organisation, and this includes our Board in its vital strategic leadership role. Our next chair will be an experienced and influential senior leader who can inspire, develop and get the best from a talented and committed non-executive team, bringing out its value as part of a truly collective effort.

TRAFFIC was established almost 50 years ago as a joint initiative of WWF and IUCN. In 2017, TRAFFIC’s governance framework was restructured to increase its independence, and the Board is currently completing a review of the governance arrangements to further strengthen and position TRAFFIC for the future. Building on your considerable experience, you will intuitively understand how to evolve our board and broader governance arrangements to support this transition over a period of time.

In addition to deep insight into organisational leadership, you will make full use of your expertise in fostering effective governance and creating the conditions in which outstanding boards flourish. Your personal influence is key in this respect: we’re looking for someone who secures personal credibility immediately. While a background in conservation or sustainability isn’t required, some appreciation of the traits of NGOs and / or the conservation sector may be useful. Wherever you are now, you will be a trusted and influential figure, recognised for your wisdom, sound judgement and formidable alliance-building skills.


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