Chief Executive Officer

Remote with regular meetings throughout England and Wales.
Circa £65,000 per annum

Kidscape, established by Michele Elliott OBE in 1985, benefits from over thirty years of experience in supporting children and families impacted by bullying. Subsequent CEOs, Claude Knights (currently Chair of the Anti-Bullying Alliance), and Lauren Seager-Smith (previous Director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance and current Trustee of Children England), have remained faithful to the original vision and mission, encouraging a learning culture, where we have adapted our provision in response to research, best practice, and the insights of others – particularly the voices of children and families.


Kidscape has high brand recognition despite being a small charity, and for its size impacts thousands of people every year. In the last three years, we have directly supported over 14,000 children and young people, over 23,000 parents and carers, and over 9,500 professionals throughout England and Wales.

We are seeking a CEO who is deeply committed to the cause, who understands the needs of children and families, and who can lead with kindness, creativity and vision, to reach and empower many more children and young people. The Board are ambitious to see Kidscape build on its enduring work.

Rarely do roles come along where your work can transform, and in some cases, literally save the lives of children. I hope you will consider applying.


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