Non-executive Directors

Enforcement Conduct Board
Remunerated at £17,000 per annum.
The Role

This is a great opportunity to join the Board of a new organisation that is poised to play a vital role in what will be a hugely important area over the next few years. The coalition of organisations that have been instrumental in our creation have built a real sense of momentum. It is now for us to build on that momentum and start to make a demonstrable difference – to people subject to enforcement action; to industry practice; and to effective, ethical enforcement. Baroness Nicky Morgan says the potential of the ECB “is unlimited” – it will be for our first Board to make sure we reach that potential.

As a small, brand-new organisation, we will need Board members who share a commitment to social justice and our mission, who are able to think strategically and creatively about different ways we can achieve our objectives, and who can balance principles and pragmatism to help us deliver the biggest impact we can, as quickly as we can. We need people who understand the importance of working collaboratively to achieve change and are used to working with senior stakeholders across industry, government and the third sector. You will be rigorously independent, and willing to support the ECB to make the right, evidence-based, regulatory interventions even if they may not always be popular.

We are looking for people with knowledge and experience in various areas – leading change across Local Authorities; effective communications with government and the wider public; an understanding of communities particularly affected by problem debt; an understanding of enforcement practice and regulation. But if you have other skills and knowledge that you think would be important, we are open to consider applications from a wide range of people – and indeed we want to build a Board that is as diverse as possible to improve the quality of our decision making.


Download the candidate brief to find out about the role.