Operations Director

Battersea, with travel to other centres

For 160 years Battersea has been here for dogs and cats, and in 2021 the need for our services, expertise and impact for animals has never been greater. We are a globally renowned and highly impactful charity, and we would not be where we are without the passion, determination and expertise of our people who strive to create a world where dogs and cats are treated with care, compassion and respect.

The Role

Our Operations Directorate sits alongside our Clinical teams and works closely with our Global Programmes Unit, which shares Battersea’s expertise with other rescue organisations across the UK and worldwide. It awards grants to drive change, improvement and research, and builds capacity to tackle identified welfare problems on the ground in target countries.

As we rebuild from the Covid Pandemic we are excited at the opportunities to reach new dogs and cats in need of help and deliver growing charitable impact. We want to do this through the optimisation and expansion of existing services, the development of new programmes, the use of new technology and the establishment of new partnerships.

Beyond a passion for animal welfare, we are looking for an inspirational and highly motivated Director of Operations who will lead our direct animal services and join the executive team of a welcoming, open and inclusive organisation.


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