IIM Survey 2023

According to the Interim Management Report 2023, companies have been increasingly hiring interim managers with a key focus on change management to drive significant transformation projects. This indicates that businesses recognise the value that interim managers bring in guiding organisations through periods of change and ensuring successful project outcomes. Additionally, companies utilise interim managers to address temporary capability and competence gaps. This highlights the flexibility and adaptability of interim managers, who can quickly step into roles and contribute their expertise without the need for a long-term commitment.

Moreover, interim managers are sought after for their ability to handle urgent crisis management needs. Their experience and leadership skills make them valuable assets in navigating challenging situations and helping businesses respond effectively to unexpected crises.

The theme of Diversity and Inclusion is prominent in professional life, and it is really encouraging to see that this year’s respondents closely align with the ethnic diversity of the UK population. This indicates a positive step towards greater representation and inclusivity within the industry. Regarding gender diversity, the survey achieved a 30% female response rate, showcasing a gradual upward trend. Overall, these findings highlight the ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the professional field, both in terms of ethnicity and gender representation, while acknowledging the importance of further advancements to achieve greater parity.

Our take on the 2023 findings: 

  1. Increased Demand and Optimism: the survey evidences a strong bounce-back post COVID, indicating that economic activities are picking up, and there is a positive trend in the job market.
  2. Importance of Recruitment Partners: The survey’s findings highlight an important aspect of the interim job market: securing the next assignment can be a significant challenge for many interims. There is evidence to show that increasingly individuals are sourcing roles via recruitment partners and not directly. Effective networking within this space is essential to maintain a strong pipeline of opportunities.
  3. Increasing New Entrants: There has been an increase in individuals becoming interim managers and pursuing this as a career option. Individuals are recognising the benefits of increased flexibility, diverse work experiences, and the opportunity to work on challenging projects.
  4. Communication is Key: Improved communication from Interim Providers is indeed crucial for the well-being and success of the interim community. Effective and consistent communication throughout the entire process – from seeking assignments to completing them – can significantly enhance the experience of interims and foster positive relationships.

Based on the findings, Starfish commits to supporting interims by:

  1. Inclusivity: Starfish aims to make the interim profession more inclusive, and representative of the communities served by our public sector clients. Inclusivity is crucial for building a diverse and talented workforce that reflects the broader society’s demographics and experiences.
  2. Support and Feedback: Starfish’s commitment to providing more structured advice and support to interims throughout the recruitment process, from application to onboarding, can significantly enhance the overall experience for interims.
  3. Honesty: we treat clients and candidates with the upmost respect, we are honest with feedback, recommendations, advice, and support. We truly value our relationships and strongly believe in making sure that every conversation or interaction with Starfish, client’s and candidates have the best possible experience.

Here at Starfish, we are delighted with our jump from 64th in 2022 to 23rd in 2023, earning us gold tier provider status! Such significant progress in a year reflects the fantastic service provided to our clients and candidates, and it reaffirms the efforts made by the Interim Practice since its formation in 2019. Recognition of the rate of progression and the acknowledgment of the quality of service we offer are well-deserved rewards for our hard work and commitment to our clients and candidates. It’s evident that our relationship based approach has played a crucial role in achieving this success.

By continuing to maintain good practice and offering value-driven services, it’s entirely possible for Starfish to make even further progress and become a platinum partner next year.

At Starfish we are proud to collaborate with our clients in diversifying their leadership teams, extending our services to organisations across the public and social sectors. At Starfish Search, we offer specialised services in senior executive search and interim management, with a clear goal of assembling robust and diverse leadership teams. Our primary focus is on cultivating effective leadership by empowering individuals to reach their full potential. We are strong advocates for promoting talent from all backgrounds, aiming to foster an environment where new leaders are inspired to step forward.

For more information, please contact ben.manojlovic@starfishsearch.com