Five ways to attract, retain, motivate and develop Millennial Leaders

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Millennials are the leaders and workers of today and by 2020 they will make up the majority of the global workforce. In this article the author Simon Barrington outlines for Starfish Search the attributes of this generation of leaders and what that means for future leadership in the social sector and beyond.

Millennials have been stereotyped, and stereotyped and stereotyped again – narcissistic, entitled, disloyal, disrespectful – the list goes on. You can read article after article about what is wrong with them, how difficult they are to manage and how quickly they jump ship.

The reality is that millennials are now reaching the age where they are leading and creating their own cultures. They are the leaders and workers of today and by 2020 will make up the majority of the global workforce.

So, how can you attract, retain, motivate and develop millennials? Based on unique, first-of-its-kind research into millennial leaders, Simon Barrington, Founder and Director of Forge Leadership who undertook the research, highlights five ways in which you can get ahead of the curve and reduce the guesswork involved in bringing millennials on board, and keeping them on the team.

Starfish Search launches Interim Talent Practice

Starfish Search is delighted to welcome Catherine Kift as Director and Head of Interim Talent to the team. She brings 14 years’ experience in the field of leadership recruitment with particular expertise in engaging talented senior interim appointees. Catherine has worked across a very broad range of sectors and disciplines at board level and brings a strong focus on long term client and candidate alliances.

“I am thrilled to join Starfish, a new start up with purpose and sustainability. We know that there are many senior skilled individuals who want to bring their social conscience to work and our job is to make that happen in a way that benefits our clients. I am excited to join a team that is already bringing a fresh approach to its client base and is strengthening the connection between recruitment and social change.”

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