Starfish Launches

We’re delighted to launch Starfish, a brand new board level search firm with purpose. We know there are as many senior, skilled people out there who want to take their social conscience to work as there are organisations looking for them, whatever the sector. Our job is to bring them together.

We’re focused on exceptional search, delivered through expertise and our strong focus on quality, people and outcomes. As part of Starfish, we are pleased to present The Network which will bring leaders together to discuss the big issues facing society, and how they can prepare for them. We will be holding these events at our partner The House of St Barnabas. Watch this space for more.

Practice-based learning for leaders

We really like the New Chief Executive’s Programme, held by the Centre for Charity Effectiveness. It offers a high-quality learning experience that empowers new chief executives to lead with confidence.

This highly participative programme has been designed to provide in-depth professional development opportunities at a pace to suit busy chief executives. The programme is divided into three parts: two intensive two-day modules, and a follow-up one-day module to further embed the learning. There are evening units and social events, with options for preparatory reading and inter-module activities. You also receive 360-degree feedback using the recognised Outstanding Leadership competencies, and an individual coaching session to support you to interpret your profile. The programme provides a comprehensive foundation in the range of skills, knowledge and behaviours required for the demanding role of chief executive, along with greater self-awareness – making use of expert presentations and robust supporting materials. By weaving in your personal case studies, peer coaching, and genuine workplace issues, the programme is current and relevant, and grounded in the practical realities of the chief executive’s role. The emphasis on self-reflection, action learning, and continuing professional development, ensures sustainable learning well beyond the life of the programme.

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