The Network

We stay up to date with the issues of the day, with influential
people who are thinkers and commentators on a wide range of topics.


We host a leadership network where people can come together, discuss future challenges in society and get ready for them. The Network is made up of experienced leaders from all backgrounds who have an active interest in helping to address the big questions around social change. We host Network Dinners three times a year at our partner The House of St Barnabas. Dates are published in advance and guests attend on a first come first served basis.

Network members are invited to join by Starfish and are leaders and opinion formers who are in a position to share their perspective based on experience. Members typically have:

– deep personal experience of leading organisations, often in more than one sector and in executive and non-executive capacities
– an interest in, and reputation for, contributing to debate on complex social issues
– a clear personal and professional commitment to achieving impact on society through their own organisation or those they have worked in.


We co-create topics for discussion with network members, and source the facilitators and speakers. Network dinner events (held under the Chatham House Rule) are held by Starfish and designed to provide a relaxed social environment in which leaders can talk openly about a range of issues affecting their organisations.

Network guests are asked to make a recommended contribution per dinner to the House of St Barnabas charity and can become members of the House of St Barnabas through Starfish.

The first Network dinner will be held in Summer 2019. Watch this space for more details.