Spotlight on: Cengiz Ali

Cengiz is currently working as a HR Consultant at Revitalise. We secured this role for Cengiz during lockdown and I recently caught up with him to talk about his experiences of a ‘virtual interim role’

How did you feel about starting a new role without meeting any of the staff? I felt okay about it, I had a positive experience during my Zoom interviews. I felt I connected with the organisation and there were clear tasks that needed completing that I felt comfortable with.

How was the on-boarding? This was handled really well – I was introduced (via Zoom) to a range of different people that I would need to engage with. I had access to everyone, and I was able to build relationships quickly across the organisation. Even busy people gave up their time to welcome me to the team.

What challenges have you faced during lockdown? I think the same as most people – juggling work with family and home schooling. There has had to be flexibility around the working day so I can deliver in both my roles as a parent but also as a consultant for Revitalise.

Did you miss not being physically located with the organisation? I thought I would miss it more, but I have adapted well. In some ways I have met more people via this virtual route and spent more time at meetings with them. People are very focused on the tasks that need to be delivered and we have a lot of check in meetings to ensure people are delivering effectively.

What one thing would you say you have learned working in lockdown? As we move to a more agile workforce it is key to have strong positive internal culture that people align with. My experience at Revitalise has been very positive and that is because there is strong leadership and clarity around direction. This organisation has faced huge challenges, but I have seen first-hand how they have overcome these by supporting teams and enabling them to be the best they can be.

Any tips to pass on? Make sure you have a clear brief and you are working to an agreed set of deliverables. Communicate more and ask for feedback. Don’t assume you are doing a good job – check you are!