Charity Awards 2019

What an inspiring evening we all had at The Charity Awards 2019. We were interested to see the 28 shortlisted charities coming from a really diverse field – not dominated by the larger charities and household brands that we all know. It is easy to forget how broad the sector really is and what an incredible contribution the less well-known organisations offer our society. Whether it’s a charity providing advice to migrants and refugees – or one that is working with vulnerable adults with addiction and multiple complex needs, The Charity Awards is the place to be for success and impact to be recognised. The night finished with a really engaging speech by Sir Harpal Kumar who said, simply, that “the charity sector does amazingly important and arguably the most difficult work around supporting society” and that it needs to be bolder – “we have improved the world and we need to tell the public about it”. What a wonderful quote to bring the evening to an end. It goes without saying that Starfish Search extends our congratulations to all the winners, and runners-up.

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